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Frequently Asked Questions

What is canvas for students?

Canvas is a cloud-based digital learning environment that is easy to use, dependable, and mobile-friendly. We recognize that students are on the go, so we are integrating a new system that will have stronger mobile capabilities to make learning easy wherever you are. Self-enroll in our UW-Eau Claire Canvas for Students course

What is Canvas LMS?

Canvas is the LMS for the Eau Claire Area School District. After careful review, Canvas was the Learning Management System chosen by a team of teachers, administrators, and other staff members for use district wide.

How do I contact canvas support?

Use the Help button in Canvas or call the phone numbers below. If Canvas is ever down, go to to see the status of the problem and any updates from Canvas. D2L is available for educators to access old course content until June of 2020.

Why study at UUW-Eau Claire?

UW-Eau Claire is a university living up to its full potential by offering opportunities for its students to produce excellence. Pushing its students towards new experiences, exposing us to the problems of the world, and preparing us with critical thinking skills so we can be part of the world’s solution, not the problem.

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