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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UW System logo and seal?

Core components to the UW System brand and identity are the logo and seal. The UW System logo and seal play a vital role in representing the entire UW System, including the Board of Regents and president. Both are trademarked and are the property of the UW System Administration and the Board of Regents.

What kind of apparel does the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire have?

Keep up with University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire sports with football jerseys, baseball jerseys, and Blugolds fan apparel for baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, and more. Visit the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Apparel Team Shop on Prep Sportswear today!

Why study at UUW-Eau Claire?

UW-Eau Claire is a university living up to its full potential by offering opportunities for its students to produce excellence. Pushing its students towards new experiences, exposing us to the problems of the world, and preparing us with critical thinking skills so we can be part of the world’s solution, not the problem.

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