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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Uwharrie Forest?

The Uwharrie Forest was given federal designation in the early 1960s by President John F. Kennedy, along with the Nantahala, Pisgah, and Croatan National Forests . The forest is bisected by several state and interstate highways.

How did Uwharrie get its name?

The name "Uwharrie'' is attributed to them, a conclusion supported by references in John Lawson's 1701 journal documenting a visit to "Heighwarrie''. Today the Uwharrie Mountains and Uwharrie National Forest are known for their abundance of wildlife, deep recreational lakes, and peaceful, natural beauty.

What is the status of Uwharrie NF?

This process is temporary until operations return to normal. Uwharrie NF is designated Game Lands and part of 2 million acres of public lands for public hunting, trapping and fishing managed by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Why choose Uwharrie chair?

Uwharrie Chair’s unique outdoor furniture collections combine classic American styling with extraordinary comfort and character.

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