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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose uWorld for ABFM certification?

With UWorld, you can take advantage of high-quality questions and explanations that closely mimic the ABFM certification and maintenance of certification (MC-FP) examination while ensuring that you stay up to date with the latest in evidence-based medicine.

What is ABFM’s QBank?

The UWorld’s American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) Qbank has been developed by the same team of passionate physician-educators responsible for the USMLE Qbanks, used by more than 90% of medical students.

Why choose uWorld for your board exam preparation?

At UWorld, we believe in preparing you for more than just a test. We equip you with the medical knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a clinician. That’s why we are known throughout the medical industry as the standard for licensure and board exam preparation.

How do I add uWorld content to a flashcard?

A Flashcards pop-up within the test interface lets you add any UWorld content to a new or existing flashcard in mere seconds, and the cards you create will automatically be made available in your future study sessions.

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