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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose uWorld for your pa content writing?

At UWorld, our PA content authors are practicing PAs with extensive clinical experience. We’ve been where you are, and we know how to prepare you for success.

What is your review of uWorld?

UWorld is awesome! I am amazed at how good the questions and explanations are, along with the flowcharts and accompanying imagery. You can’t find quality study material like this during your residency but UWorld has done an amazing job of making eveything simple and understandable.

What is the content blueprint for the PANCE?

The PANCE exam is developed from the NCCPA’s content blueprint, the official guide for topics and concepts tested in the PANCE. The content blueprint is organized as follows: Knowledge and skills related to tasks PAs perform when treating patients.

What is the uWorld PA QBank free trial?

Explore the UWorld PA QBank with our FREE seven-day trial and discover why over two million students trust UWorld with their high-stakes exam prep. Discover UWorld’s PA Blog for career trends, peer advice, PANCE updates, study tips, and more.

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