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Frequently Asked Questions

How has uWorld helped you with Step 2 CK?

The topics and question style in UWorld mirrored the content of my exam very closely, and the questions' clear, detailed explanations helped immensely. I would like to share my joy about my score report in Step 2 CK. I got a 264/99 in my exam and it took a lot of hard work, but I couldn't have done it without UWorld.

How do I purchase a uWorld package?

Once you have registered for an account or if you already have an account: Log into your UWorld account Click on the Cart iconat the top of the page and then select your desired product to see a list of available packages and their prices Selectthe package you wish to purchase

Why use uWorld for the USMLE?

Our goal is not only to prepare you for the USMLE, but also to help you become a better clinician. I started out using another question bank in addition to UWorld but quickly abandoned it when it became apparent that UWorld was vastly superior, particularly in terms of vignette content and topics covered.

Why choose uWorld to prepare for your licensing exam?

Since 2003, nearly all medical students in the United States have trusted UWorld to prepare for their licensing exams. Being at the forefront of medical education gives us an obligation to provide students with only the best practice questions and explanations.

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