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Frequently Asked Questions

Can NP work in or?

For NPs functioning in the OR, responsibilities may overlap traditional inpatient and outpatient NP roles, or be isolated to operating room coverage. Scope of practice for surgical NPs is often dictated by governing certifying bodies, state licensing requirements and regulations, and institutional by-laws.

Is a NP a licensed independent practitioner?

An NP is considered an independent practitioner, although some states require an NP to have written collaborative agreement to practice or impose prescribing limits. PAs are usually employed by a health system or a physician, as a licensed physician must supervise the work of a PA.

Can a NP work as a RN?

Yes you can be a NP and work as an RN. Both of my instructors at my college are Acute Care Nurse Practioners. Here in Bakersfield it is the good ol' boys Doctor Club they are really resistant to most of the mid-level practioners. Plus the pay is better as a PRN RN than as a NP. Now in the bigger metro centers ACNP can make alot more money plus hospitals are more willing to use NP's.

How long was your NP program?

In general, NP programs take around two to three years to complete when you're starting from an RN. Here are some of the pathways available to becoming a Nurse Practitioner:

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