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Frequently Asked Questions

What is uWorld for Step 1?

What Is UWORLD For Step 1? UWorld Step 1 Qbank is a comprehensive USMLE Step 1 tool comprising more than 2,900 questions challenging your critical thinking skills. More than relying on memorization, UWorld provides detailed explanations of important concepts needed to answer Step 1 questions correctly.

Are there any uWorld notes for USMLE Step 1?

Here is the popular Uworld Notes for USMLE Step 1 arranged in tables as PDF format. Uworld Qbank is the number one study resource for USMLE Step 1, used by more than ninety percent of medical students for over fifteen years.

When should I start uWorld Step 1 QBank?

I recommend starting UWorld Step 1 Qbank once you’ve already gone through a lot of studying of the foundational concepts needed. It otherwise would be useless answering questions empty-minded. With the handful of information you got, you could train your mind how to answer them correctly and quickly. Most dedicated study blocks are about 6-8 weeks.

When is the best time to start uWorld?

So if you want to start UWORLD a few weeks before your dedicated study prep – that is perfectly fine. I otherwise would recommend against using UWORLD too early because you risk memorizing questions and missing out on high-quality questions closer to test day. Bonus: Want to get a 250 or higher on Step 1?

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