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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the uWorld USMLE Step 3 question bank cost?

The UWorld USMLE Step 3 Question Bank features 1,500 questions & CCS cases from $249 for 30 days, $299 for 60 days and $349 for 90 days (includes two self-assessments).

What is the best USMLE Step 3 QBank?

The Kaplan USMLE Step 3 QBank covers all topics for the Step 3 Exam, including audio questions. Also, Kaplan uses a similar interface, which looks like that of the actual test. This qbank also lacks CCS practice cases, which are a vital part of step 3 preparation.

How much does Kaplan cost for USMLE Step 3?

In addition to board review, Kaplan has a series of banks targeted to every Step in the USMLE exams. Their USMLE Step 3 question bank has 900 questions for $79 for 1 month and $179 for 12 months.

How good is uWorld's study material?

I am amazed at how good the questions and explanations are, along with the flowcharts and accompanying imagery. You can’t find quality study material like this during your residency but UWorld has done an amazing job of making eveything simple and understandable. Hats off to your company!

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