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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Amboss or uWorld?

That being said, the concensus seems to be the UWorld, although maybe not as good an interface, has more high yield questions, more true to the boards, etc. Amboss is for tests strategies!

Is Amboss worth it?

Amboss is REAALLY helpful to explore reasoning and the science behind questions. For my last shelf, psych, I did both Amboss and UWorld, and I will say I relied more on my Amboss questions than UWorld questions. But that's psych, and I know that will probably be very different for other shelves, but that's what I'm finding for now.

Should I buy donedone uWorld or Amboss?

Done uw and amboss both i love amboss overlay feature in CT and x rays but for explaination i feel uw is written very well and u just read and understand less memorization however in amboss explains difference between options which need memorization Uworld is Gold and Amboss is great for learning and second best qbank end of the story !!!

Does Amboss have any visual information?

Amboss doesn't have a lot of visual stuff (although they do have integration with Osmosis and they SAY they're getting integration with sketchy soon), BUT they do have everything kinda linked together so it's really easy to find information on any part of a question.

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