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Frequently Asked Questions

What is valorant on Discord?

A highly sophisticated Discord Bot made to share your VALORANT stats with friends such as ranks, mmr, agents, matches, playtime and more! See all the VALORANT statistics you need from the comfort of Discord. 24/7 ONLINE! POKER! SPORTS BETTING [CSGO, NBA, NHL] Gambling and a Casino bot, play slots, flip coin and gamble, BLACKJACK! STOCKS! INVEST!

What is a valorant statistics bot?

A Valorant Statistics Bot to see statistics about players, maps etc. View and track your game stats within Discord, anywhere, anytime, and in-depth. Eagz is a multi-purpose bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server. Features auto-moderation, administration, music and much! O maior e melhor bot de random-match brasileiro!

How do I use a discord bot?

A Discord Bot to help you track your VALORANT store, battlepass, contract progress, and other things. You can access the command list easily by using Discord’s Slash Command Interface ( /) Simply use the /login command to log into your Riot Account, the bot will automatically detect your region, and if active, will ask you to input a 2FA code.

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