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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Vanguard funds be distributed in 2022?

The Vanguard funds listed in the PDF below earned taxable income, realized capital gains, or both for their fiscal years in excess of the amounts distributed in December 2021. The remaining taxable income or gains will be distributed in March 2022 as "supplemental" income dividends or capital gains distributions.

What's new on the vanguard index?

This page features a new search capability, which allows for multiple tickers to be entered at once, and a new download feature. These tables show, by Vanguard fund and share class, the percentages of 2022 dividend and net short-term capital gains distributions that are eligible for reduced tax rates as qualified dividend income.

What is the payable date for Vanguard mutual funds?

For Vanguard mutual funds, the payable date is usually within two to four days of the record date. The payable date also refers to the date on which a declared stock dividend or bond interest payment is scheduled to be paid. A measure of the amount of interest an investment received over a given period of time, net of expenses.

Where can I find the final distribution rates for my funds?

For final distribution rates, check the fund profiles in the Investments area of our website after the fund declaration date. In early April, the funds' Price & distributions tab will be updated to include March distributions for all funds.

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