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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Vanguard is bad?

Why Vanguard is bad. There are some issues when it comes to their customer service and the way the investment platform is set up. Customer service seems to be slow to respond sometimes and is not available 24/7. The investment platform and Vanguard app also feel rather archaic compared to some other brokers out there.

Should I invest with Vanguard?

You should consider the Vanguard MidCap ETF (VO), a passively managed exchange traded fund launched on 01/26/2004. The fund is sponsored by Vanguard. It has amassed assets over $52.19 billion, making it one of the largest ETFs attempting to match the Mid Cap Blend segment of the US equity market.

What is Vanguard US equity index?

performance of abroad U.S. equity index that measures the investment returns of primarily large-capitalization U.S. stocks. Currently, this Vanguard ETF seeks to track the CRSP US Total Market Index (or any successor thereto). It invests directly or indirectly primarily in stocks of U.S. companies. Factsheet | January 31, 2022 About the benchmark

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