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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Vanguard ETFs should I invest in?

Vanguard Russell 2000 Value ETF holds a Zacks ETF Rank of 2 (Buy), which is based on expected asset class return, expense ratio, and momentum, among other factors. Because of this, VTWV is an outstanding option for investors seeking exposure to the Style Box - Small Cap Value segment of the market.

Why Vanguard is bad?

Why Vanguard is bad. There are some issues when it comes to their customer service and the way the investment platform is set up. Customer service seems to be slow to respond sometimes and is not available 24/7. The investment platform and Vanguard app also feel rather archaic compared to some other brokers out there.

Does Vanguard have a gold ETF?

Vanguard gold ETF is a fund that invests in shares of companies, governments, and other securities related to the mining industry. It’s managed by Vanguard Group, an investment company with over $3 trillion in assets under management (AUM).

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