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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Vanguard stock funds distribute in March 2022?

In early April, the funds' Price & distributions tab will be updated to include March distributions for all funds. Here is a full list of Vanguard stock and balanced funds, bond funds, and ETFs that will distribute supplemental income or capital gains or both in March 2022.

What are the supplemental distributions for Vanguard Health care funds?

The supplemental distributions are scheduled for later in March after the capital gains and taxable income realized last year exceeded what was paid to shareholders in December. These supplemental distributions range from as little as 0.02% of net asset value (NAV) for bond funds to as much as 3.60% for a pair of Vanguard health care funds.

When are Vanguard mutual fund dividends and capital gains paid out?

The date when dividends or capital gains are paid to shareholders. For Vanguard mutual funds, the payable date is usually within two to four days of the record date. The payable date also refers to the date on which a declared stock dividend or bond interest payment is scheduled to be paid.

What is Vanguard 401k?

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