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Frequently Asked Questions

What store sells vans?

“Grocery stores, produce distributors, we go to retailers like Snap Kitchen," Torrez said. One of the vans stopped at the Kroger off Buffalo Speedway. Next, Trader Joe's off Shepherd and then the Target across the street.

Can I Return my vans at any vans store?

You can return your product and reorder or exchange your product in one of our Vans company owned retail stores. 1. orders can only be returned/exchanged to a Vans company owned retail store (not through other retailers such as JCPenney or Journeys)

Does Famous Footwear sell vans?

These sneakers are about to be your next favorites. With patterns, colors, and designs for every look, it’s fun to find a new pair of Vans sneakers to fit your individual style. Find your favorites and shop Vans shoes for men, women and kids right here at Famous Footwear.

Are Vans shoes worth it?

Well, the classic Vans Old Skool is a relatively good shoe for its price! They only cost $60.00 and are always on shelves despite them being an extremely popular shoe. They are also durable, have a unique design, and available in many sizes.

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