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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of venteskraft?

“Mahin co-founded Venteskraft India LLP (Head office in Bangalore) with Rahul Rajeev back in 2017. Dealing with mainly stock market training and mentorship along with business development programs, Venteskraft, in its two years, has seen its client list surged up to 50,000 and expand to more than 13 countries.

Is venteskraft LLP active or closed?

VENTESKRAFT LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) firm. It is registered with Registrar of Companies, Bangalore on Apr 4, 2017. Current Status of Venteskraft Llp is Active. Total Obligation of Contribution of the LLP is ₹ 1,00,000 (One Lakh Indian Rupees).

Is venteskraft fake&fraud?

This is more than enough for people to understand, what kind of person you are! Venteskraft, Mahin BS & Rahul Rajeev are completely fake & fraud. I haven’t taken any of their training or fallen prey to their fancy shit on social media, however, I did some research and wanted to expose their fraudulent claims.

Who is Merlin from venteskraft?

This one time I spoke to a financial trainer from Venteskraft (Another company that provides stock market training) - her name was Merlin. I knew for a fact that she had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

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