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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word verde mean?

Wikipedia (3.33 / 6 votes) Rate this definition: Verde. Verde in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian means "Green".

What does Verde mean in Spanish?

verde (also: césped, green) green {noun} En mi propio país, los colegios realizan una tarea fantástica en el ámbito de la bandera verde. In my own country the schools do fantastic work in the area of the green flag. Pueden seleccionarse valores entre -100 % (ningún verde en absoluto) y +100 % ( verde completo).

What does the name Verede mean?

What does Verde mean? V erde as a girls' name is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Verde is "green". STARTS WITH Ve-ASSOCIATED WITH green. Variations. VARIANT Verda CREATIVE FORMS (female) Verte, ..

What is Verde in English?

noun Southwest Cookery. a stew of beef or pork, or both, flavored with hot green peppers. One may also ask, what does the word Verde mean? When used with the verb ser, verde means literally green in colour, while the verb estar is used with figurative meanings of verde such as naïve, risqué, unwell or dirty.

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