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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Verder scientific division?

The Scientific Division of the family owned VERDER Group sets standards in high-tech equipment for quality control, research and development of solid matter. The fields of activity cover sample preparation of solids as well as analyzing technologies.

Who are Verder scientific customers?

Verder Scientific customers come from all types of industries. Here you will find an overview and some key applications. Find your local Verder Scientific office and contact us for a free product or application consultation.

Is Verder scientific looking for Strategic Investments?

Verder Scientific is looking for strategic investments, creating stable, highly competitive instrument business companies focusing on niche markets. Mager Scientific is the distributor of metallographic and hardness testing equipment in the USA and represents the QATM product lines for metallographic preparation and hardness testing since 2005.

Why did Verder scientific acquire Mager scientific?

For Verder Scientific’s US entity, managing all other brands in North America, the acquisition of Mager Scientific provides a perfect opportunity to merge sales channels and benefit from each other’s contacts. QATM will gain direct access to their US customer base to guarantee perfect customer service.

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