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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Verdura so special?

Inspired by the richly hued mosaics and gold-encrusted treasures of the Byzantine Empire, Verdura set gems into gold, mixing precious and semi-precious stones in various colors and...

What makes Verdura’S “Y” necklace unique?

Inspired by Verdura’s collaboration with Coco Chanel, the South Sea pearl “Y” Necklace reflects the jewelers casual treatment of pearls, intended to be worn – and... With twenty five stones and fifteen different cuts, the Caged Ring is Fulco di Verdura at his most irreverent. A marriage of maracas and cocktail rings, this design is as fun as...

What makes Verdura’S Theodora pendant brooch unique?

A marriage of maracas and cocktail rings, this design is as fun as... Inspired by the pair of brooches owned by Diana Vreeland, the Theodora Pendant Brooch represents one of Verdura’s earliest and most influential designs. • 18k gold, emerald,...

When does the Verdura gallery open and close?

The Verdura gallery is open 10 AM – 6 PM, Monday – Friday. Arrange your visit below Born into Sicilian aristocracy in 1898, Verdura’s founder, Duke Fulco di Verdura, began his extraordinary career in Paris as a designer for Coco Chanel.

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