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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vermont a good state to live?

The Green Mountain State is a perfect place to live if you are okay with living in a little city or small town. If you love nature and want to live a healthy and slow-paced life, Vermont is simply one of the best places to live in the U.S. What stereotypes are there about Vermont?

Is Vermont a good state to retire?

Yes, the taxes are high in the state of Vermont, but for most people, living in such a wonderful place is worth the price. While every city and town in Vermont has something wonderful and unique, here are 5 cities and 5 towns in Vermont that, according to Movoto and Area Vibes, are especially good for retiring in style.

What makes Vermont unique?

What makes Vermont unique? December 14, 2021 by Trevor Zboncak Vermont was the first state admitted to the Union after the ratification of the Constitution.Montpelier, Vermont is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonalds.

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