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Frequently Asked Questions

Can playing video games increase the volume of gray matter?

The study looked at regular video game players and amateurs. Gaming could possibly increase the volume of gray matter in the brain, based on a study published in Nature. Researchers looked at the differences between the insular cortex regions of frequent gamers and those who didn't play video games as regularly.

What is grey matter and why is it important?

All your activities are coordinated and executed with the help of your brain. It is the grey matter of the brain that controls the memory, the senses, emotions, speech as well as impulse control. An increased amount of grey matter improves IQ and increases the brain’s efficiency. What is grey matter?

How to increase grey matter in your brain naturally?

But the good thing is, you can increase grey matter in your brain by natural ways like: 6 – Natural Ways to increase grey matter in your brain 1. Physical activities and exercise: Doing physical activities, yoga and exercises significantly increase your grey matter. Yoga helps you to synchronise your breathing and posture.

Can video games change brain plasticity?

The proposed mechanisms for the grey matter change are neurogenesis, gliogenesis, synaptogenesis, and angiogenesis, whereas those for white matter change are myelin modeling and formation, fiber organization, and angiogenesis [ 30 ]. Recent studies using MRI technique for brain imaging have demonstrated video gaming effects on neuroplasticity.

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