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Frequently Asked Questions

What toys are appropriate for infants?

Appropriate Baby Toys for Newborns Through 6 Months. Baby toys at this stage will stimulate the senses, particularly the senses of sight, sound and touch. Baby toys are colorful, textured, easy to hold, and often make noises. Rattles, bouncer seats, playmats, teethers, soft toys, and sleep toys are some of the best age-appropriate toys for babies.

What is the best formula for infants?

Gerber Good Start Gentle powder infant formula: Gerber is a very famous brand in terms of baby food. Their baby food products are best and reliable for the parents as well. They are made with best ingredients found in breast milk. It is considered as the best baby formula for the kids up to 12 months, not after that.

What are some activities for infants?

Infant Play Activities Hold and sing to young babies. Even when babies are able to hold their own bottle, they should be held. Rock, sway, and swing your baby gently to help them develop a sense of movement and balance (vestibular system). Talk to your infant and echo their babble.

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