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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lieutenant Virk?

Do you like this video? Lieutenant Virk was a Zabrak male officer serving the Galactic Republic during the Cold War and the war against the Mantellian Separatist Movement . Stationed on Fort Garnik, Virk was known to be a corrupt officer, scamming all the troopers under his command.

Who were the Virks?

The Virks are also a section of the Jats in the Punjab, who originally seem to have been Scythians . V. S. Agrawala writes that Panini mentions village name in category ending Rūpya (IV.2.106) - The Kāśikā mentions Vrikarupya ( Vṛika-rūpya ). Vijayendra Kumar Mathur writes that Panini mentioned a janapada called Vrika in Punjab.

Where does the last name Virk come from?

Virk (also spelled as Wirk, Birk, Virk) is a Jat clan of the Punjab region in the South Asia. People with this surname include: Adnan Virk, Canadian television sportscaster.

What is amrinderpal Singh Virk famous for?

Ammy Virk was born as Amrinderpal Singh Virk. He is known for his work on Bambukat (2016), Angrej (2015) and Manmarziyaan (2018). See full bio ».

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