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Frequently Asked Questions

What is India visitor insurance for United States travel?

Investing in visitor insurance is the best way to ensure you are protecting yourself from expensive medical costs. India visitor insurance for United States travel offers coverage for unforeseen medical expenses but can also have benefits for other travel-related concerns.

How to buy visitor insurance for USA?

Today, buying visitor insurance for the USA is pretty simple. You can buy the best travel insurance online by visiting the website of the insurance company from which you intend to buy the policy. Moreover, you may also buy travel insurance from India to USA by browsing different travel health plans for the US on

Should Indian-Americans buy visitor insurance for their parents visiting USA?

The Four million strong highly educated and affluent Indian-American community retains close ties with India and we often have Indian-Americans buying the best visitor insurance for their parents visiting USA. The US government has a rule for buying insurance for Indian visitors and making it mandatory for prospective immigrants from November 2019.

Does American visitor insurance offer immigrant health insurance?

At American Visitor insurance we offer immigrant health insurance plans which work well for prospective new US immigrants. After buying this immigrant medical insurance, customers will immediately receive the health insurance policy document by email.

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