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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vsauce very good at math?

Michael Stevens (born January 23, 1986) graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English Literature from the University of Chicago. He created and hosts Vsauce as a platform to discuss many interesting mathematical, physical, technological, and scientific topics.

What do scientists think of Vsauce?

While I have not heard a scientist give an opinion on VSauce specifically, I would assume most enjoy his delivery and video quality which provides another learning resource that is both fun and informative.

What does Vsauce mean?

Vsauce, another term for female ejaculate specifically the milky white substance released before and during climax. In appearance it resembles pre-cum or semen similar to it the fluid is thought of to play a role in the natural lubrication during sexual Intercourse or masturbation. The term is thought to originate from combining the letter 'V' from vagina and the word sauce.

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