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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free online video editor?

First on our list is FlexClip ,the best free online video editor with no watermark. Though being free to use, FlexClip is powerful and professional. It includes all the video editing tools you need and offers you millions of royalty-free media resources that can level your videos up.

Is VSDC safe?

You know every software has its own features and interface so these are different from each other. The VSDC video editor has a lot of features and it is a little bit difficult than other video editors. Is VSDC safe? Yes, of course, it is safe and secure, you can download this software on VSDC official site.

How to split video in VSDC?

There is one more method to cut video with VSDC Free Video Editor. To use it, click "Cutting and splitting" in object properties or in object menu. You will see an editor window which enables you to remove fragments from an object. In order to do it, mark the region required for removal and click the "Cut region" button.

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