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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert audio files to text?

Open Wave to Text. Go to "File>Import" and select the WAV file you just converted from MP3. The program fills the large white box in the window with the text from your audio file. Copy and paste the text to your favorite text editing program for further editing.

How do I text a JPEG file?

Hold the "Ctrl" button and press "O" to invoke the Open navigation menu. 3. Click the JPEG file in the Open navigation menu and click "Open.". 4. Click the "A" in the Image group of the Home tab. 5. Click wherever you want the text to appear on the image.

What are VTT files?

VTT file is a WebVTT Document. WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) is a plain-text subtitle format designed for use with HTML5 video. It was developed by the W3C and WHATWG.

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