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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Waltz with Bashir a good movie to watch?

"Waltz With Bashir" is a film about the 1982 Lebanon war from the point of view of the Israeli soldiers who fought there. However, HOW it is told is pretty interesting. First, it's not live action but drawn in a very unusual roto-scope looking manner. It's very striking and original.

What is'Waltz with Bashir'?

'Waltz with Bashir" is a devastating animated film that tries to reconstruct how and why thousands of innocent civilians were massacred because those with the power to stop them took no action. Why they did not act is hard to say. Did they not see? Not realize? Not draw fateful conclusions?

What is Vals Im Bashir about?

Ari Folman's "Vals Im Bashir" ("Waltz with Bashir" in English) focuses on a former troop talking to an assortment of people about their memories of the occupation.

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