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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best lights to light a walkway?

Pathway lights, step lights, and post lights are all great options to light walkways around your home. Pathway lights typically come in sets, stake into the ground, and are relatively low to the ground.

What is the best way to light up an outdoor area?

Outdoor wall lights, outdoor flush mounts, and outdoor hanging lights are your best options. Wall mounted light fixtures pair well on each side of a door or alone to illuminate the house number. Hanging outdoor lights work well above front doors.

What are the best outdoor light fixtures?

Solar-powered outdoor light fixtures are another great option since they are powered by the sun and consume no electricity. As a reminder, these fixtures need to be in direct sunlight in order to produce the best light - so this would not be a good option for a shady or covered spot.

What type of lighting do you need for your home decor?

Lanterns are a decorative accent that can also provide a bit of ambient lights. These are a quick way to add style to your space but are not a great option if you need something to produce a lot of light in a space. Hanging lights can provide style and light for your outdoor dining area.

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