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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to live in Denver or Chicago?

Chicago is the better place to visit; Denver is by far the better place to live. Chicago has perhaps 75 or 80 excellent weather days per year. Denver has about 300. There is genuine unspoiled wilderness with spectacular scenery and wildlife an hour away.

Why is Denver growing faster than Chicago?

That being said: Denver is growing by leaps and bounds. Chicago is not. Denver is investing in itself - billions in rail, in downtown, in the outdoors, in the city, in mobility, in artists. Companies are relocating hq to denver all the time. We have the lowest unemployment in the nation. There is a huge st

What is it like to live in Denver?

A car city: Denver is very much dominated by the automobile. While the light rail can be convenient for traveling downtown, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve ridden the light rail. There are not very many pedestrian areas in Denver. Sometimes I just want to go somewhere and get lost in a sea of strangers.

What makes Chicago different from other cities in the US?

Both cities boast multiple airports, but Chicago also serves as the central train hub for the US: Transportation that built Chicago: The railroads.

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