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Frequently Asked Questions

When does it snow in DC?

Snow mostly accumulates in Washington during January and February. Typically, on one or two days in January and in February, the snow covering Washington gets to five or more inches deep.

How does radar help meteorologists forecast the weather?

Radar is used to gauge the speed of pitches at a baseball game. Doppler radar can help meteorologists predict winter storms. Meteorologists use weather Doppler radar to help locate and forecast storms. Pregnancy ultrasound uses 2D and 3D Doppler to give parents and obstetricians a baby's first picture.

What is the weather like in DC in March?

The weather in Washington DC in March is consider the first month of Spring. Since it is the transition between the season, the earlier half is colder and can even see snow, while the second half of March is usually warmer.

What frequency does weather radar use?

Low-frequency radar is radar which uses frequencies lower than 1 GHz such as L-band, UHF, VHF, and HF, as opposed to the usual radar bands, which range from 2 GHz and up, and the maximum is 40 GHz.The radar cross section of any target depends on the radar transmitted frequency.

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