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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is WeatherBug not working?

The reasons why WeatherBug Weather Forecast cannot be loaded cannot be more different. In most cases it is due to your own internet connection. It is quite possible that your device is in a WiFi network, but it still does not work, so you should try to access a website on the Internet using your browser.

What is the best weather website?

Weatherbug is probably one of the best weather sites that provide us with an online weather forecast and live weather news. It tracks and alerts you of any thunderstorms along with a lightning map layer as well as a Doppler radar to track any severe weather. On the front page of Weatherbug, you can see a variety of information.

Is WeatherBug safe?

WeatherBug is a safe and secure desktop application that delivers live local weather and life saving alerts to millions of people a month. WeatherBug does not have, and never has had, the capability to track surfing habits or “spy” on its users.

Who has the most accurate weather forecast?

“As the most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings in the world, AccuWeather is the clear leader in keeping people safe and out of harm’s way,” said Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, President, and Chairman of AccuWeather. “Most important are the lives we have saved worldwide through our Superior Accuracy.

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