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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of weathering in science?

Weathering is a natural process that slowly breaks apart or changes rock. Heat, water, wind, living things, and other natural forces cause weathering. Over many years, weathering can shape rock into unusual formations.

What are the three major ways weathering happens?

Weathering is the initial step in soil creation. Weathering happens in four different manners: These include chemical weathering, physical weathering, biological weathering, and mechanical weathering. The three major ways weathering happens include chemical, physical, and mechanical weathering which are explained below.

What are the causes of weathering?

Weathering is the breakdown of rocks and minerals at or near the Earth’s surface. It is caused by chemical and physical interactions with air, water, and living organisms.

What are the effects of weathering?

Answer: The effects of weathering disintegrate and alter mineral and rocks near or at the earth's surface. This shapes the earth's surface through such processes as wind and rain erosion or cracks caused by freezing and thawing. Each process has a distinct effect on rocks and minerals.

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