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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy WeatherTech Cup phone?

WeatherTech has official marketplace stores set up on Amazon and eBay! WeatherTech supplies products to over 10,000 authorized dealers all over the United States. Chances are there are stores in your town that sell WeatherTech products. To find an authorized dealer, use the Dealer Locator below.

How to adjust cupfone WeatherTech?

Push down on the tool to pop each cup until you find the right fit. Insert CupFone Two View into your cup holder and rotate to the desired position. To view your phone in landscape mode, loosen both knobs 1 and 2. Slide the holders until the width fits your horizontal phone. Tighten both knobs.

What is auto cup holder?

Automobile cup holder. The development of the drive-in restaurant was a step in the cup holder's development. Servers would attach a tray that hooked over the car's side window, which needed to be left up a little for it to attach to. This gave a temporary table to hold drinks and food while eating in the car.

What is cup holder?

A cup holder is a device, such as a zarf, to hold a cup or other drinking vessel.

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