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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sells WeatherTech mats?

WeatherTech has official marketplace stores set up on Amazon and eBay! WeatherTech supplies products to over 10,000 authorized dealers all over the United States. Chances are there are stores in your town that sell WeatherTech products.

Are WeatherTech floor liners worth it?

Are floor liners really worth it? Yes, they can come at a premium cost — a full set from WeatherTech, for example, is about $250 to $300 — but that’s a fraction of what it would cost to replace the factory carpet or any damage to equipment underneath it.

What are car floor mats?

Car Floor mats. A mat is simply a piece of textile or fabric which is placed on a flat surface. Car floor mats are placed on the floor of a vehicle to enhance the interiors of a vehicle and also to protect it from dust, dirt, water and road salt.

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