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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of buying Weathertech seat covers?

WeatherTech seat covers are an ideal accessory for vehicle owners who require additional protection for the front and back seats. Such products are a must-have for those who go out on road trips with kids or pets, simply because they protect the upholstery from rips, stains, spills, and so on.

What materials are used to make WeatherTech seat covers?

For durable protection and a secure fit, WeatherTech seat covers are made from a polycotton twill fabric with a layer of nylon lining. The polycotton is comfortable, strong, and includes a water-repellent finish. The nylon lining adds to the water-tight barrier, adding extra protection for the car’s seating surface underneath.

How do you install WeatherTech seat covers?

Basically, you hang the cover over its seat, pull through the headrest and seat belt buckles, and attach the loop straps. You’ll probably spend more time taking the product out of its box than you will installing it in your vehicle.

What other items does Weathertech offer for cars?

The WeatherTech brand is known for producing high-quality, custom-fitting accessories for vehicle interiors, such as floor mats and window shades. Lots of brands make seat covers, but material quality and performance vary widely. Why choose WeatherTech?

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