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Frequently Asked Questions

How to extract data from a web page using power automate desktop?

Next we will direct Power Automate Desktop to extract data from a web page. Within the Actions column click on Web automation>Web data extraction>Extract data from web page. Drag and drop Extract data from web page into the workspace of the flow designer. Follow these steps to extract the data:

What is the Microsoft Power automate extension?

For reference the Microsoft Power Automate extension is the add on for enabling web automates -automate things like web scripting, data extraction, web testing. The Power Automate extension supports the four most popular browsers: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

How do I extract data from a web page?

To extract a piece of data from a web page, use the appropriate action, depending on whether the data in question concerns the entire web page, or an element inside it: To extract larger amounts of data, use the Extract data from web page action, then right-click on the required data on the web page to view the available options:

What is the difference between web form filling and web data extraction?

The Web form filling action group focuses on providing input to web pages, while Web data extraction actions draw data from web pages, to be used in the flow. Most web automation actions require a browser instance as input, as well as a web element with which to interact:

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