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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unzip torrents?

A.torrent file is just a pointer to the actual file, you cannot unzip it! You need a Torrent Client, which will open the.torrent file and start downloaded the actual file from its location/s. Please read this article on HowStuffWorks for more details: How BitTorrent Works

How to extract torrents?

Just select the torrent you want to extract, then click on the “ Files ” Tab and then look for.rar format file and right click on it. Then just click Unpack… This will extract in the same folder itself.

Is it safe to download torrents?

uTorrent is generally considered safe, though it has had some history with bundled adware and even once with secretly installed bitcoin-mining software (Source: The safest option is to only download legal torrent files from reputable sources.

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