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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web historian and how to use it?

Web Historian is a browser extension for Google Chrome that helps you visualize the web browsing history that is already on your computer in a way you’ve never seen before. You can see what you’ve been looking for online and how you navigate through the web using interactive visuals.

What is Internet history viewer software?

Internet history viewer software BHV is a forensic software tool for extracting and viewing internet history from the main desktop web browsers. Identify peaks in internet activity using the interactive timeline. Find relevant data faster with filtering by keywords and date/time range.

What is browser history examiner?

Browser History Examiner Professional tool to investigate web browser activity BHE is a forensic software tool for capturing, analysing and reporting internet history from the main desktop web browsers. Supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

What is Mandiant web historian?

MANDIANT Web Historian helps users review the list of websites (URLs) that are stored in the history files of the most commonly used browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

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