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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bladder protection pads with wings?

Like regular incontinence pads, bladder protection pads with wings are absorbent, discreet, and practical. The main reason to choose bladder pads with wings over standard ones is that besides featuring everything a regular incontinence pad offers, these also stay in place much better.

What's the point of wings on a pad?

Again, two things here: with wings and without. "Wings" are those sticky little pieces that adhere to your underwear. They keep your pad from lodging to the side and feeling like a diaper. In short, unless they irritate your skin or something, they're your friend! In general, stay away from scented pads, especially if your skin is sensitive.

What are the benefits of incontinence pads with wings?

Incontinence pads with wings offer just the right amount of protection for light bladder leakage (LBL). They offer much more absorbency than period pads of comparable thickness. They absorb moisture and neutralize odors quickly and efficiently.

What are always ultra thin slender pads?

Reinvented from the inside out, Always Ultra Thin Slender Pads Unscented with Wings provide strong period protection, no matter what your day brings. It’s Always like never before. ingredients and more. Completely reinvented Always Ultra pads with 3X Protection System (compared to the previous Always Ultra)

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