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Frequently Asked Questions

Could your dog have dementia?

Disorientation is one of the most recognizable signs of dog dementia. You may see your dog wandering around like it is lost, seemingly confused about its surroundings, or going to an incorrect door seeking to be let out. Other signs that a dog may have disorientation include staring at the floor, walls, or out into space without purpose.

Can dogs get Alzheimer's or dementia?

Aging dogs can show mental symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease. This equivalent to Alzheimer's disease in dogs is called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. Like Alzheimer's disease, physical evidence, found only in autopsies, reveals the same sort of degenerative brain lesions in dogs and humans.

Do dogs get senile dementia?

With the sense of smell being the last to diminish its capacity. Senile dementia is a disorder that affects very often and very long-lived dogs and is a disease that we can also observe in humans as they age. Senile dementia is cognitive dysfunction, which can be translated as follows: the dog begins to lose its ability to reason.

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