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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Auction Kings on Discovery Channel?

Auction Kings was a reality television series produced by Authentic Entertainment for the Discovery Channel. The series premiered on October 26, 2010 and the Atlanta auction house Gallery 63 in Sandy Springs, Georgia, located on Roswell Road immediately north of the Atlanta city limit. The gallery has since moved into the City of Atlanta.

How many episodes of Auction Kings are there?

Brown and his gallery were eventually picked for the prospective Discovery auction house show and, after some back and forth, were signed on for the production of 26 initial episodes for Auction Kings. The show’s main cast included Brown, as well as Cindy Shook, Jon Hammond, and Delfino Ramos.

How did Auction Kings help Paul Brown get his start?

Photo of Paul Brown courtesy of Gallery 63. But Paul Brown also knows that those same differences may have set him apart in Discovery’s 2009 search for an auction house to build a reality show around. It also allowed Auction Kings to connect with audiences outside of the traditional auction market.

Is there an auction house in Atlanta?

“Discovery found an auction house in Atlanta where everything is for sale, and every piece has a past,” reads the television network’s pitch for Auction Kings. Paul Brown of Gallery 63 and Auction Kings has always been aware of the differences between him and many other auction industry professionals.

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