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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a case conceptualization?

Basically, a case conceptualization is a process and cognitive map for understanding and explaining a client’s presenting issues and for guiding the counseling process. Case conceptualizations provide counselors with a coherent plan for focusing treatment interventions, including the therapeutic alliance, to increase the likelihood ...

Why is client conceptualization important in counseling?

Client conceptualization is foundational to an effective counseling practice, as conceptualization increases counselors' empathy toward clients, which enables the counselor to make treatment decisions that are theoretically grounded and culturally appropriate.

How long does it take to conceptualize a case?

Case Conceptualization and Action Plan: Family Counseling helps families facilitate conceptualization of their own case, at approximately six weeks into counseling and thereafter at appropriate intervals. The following resources can be found in the Positive Psychology Toolkit©, and their full versions can be accessed by a subscription.

Is it worth mentioning a weakness in a case conceptualization?

If a weakness is worth mentioning in a case conceptualization, it is worth writing a recommendation about it. Note: As with mental status examinations, observations in this context concerning weaknesses are not value judgments, about whether the client is a good person, etc. The observations are clinical judgments meant to guide recommendations.

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