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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an aortic dissection heal on its own?

dr. glotzbach: it could, and once you've had an aortic dissection your aorta's at risk for life and so this is something that is, you know, can be managed and stable and people can go on living with it but it's not something that will ever heal completely and so people just have to be aware that they need lifelong surveillance and i think that's …

How serious is aortic dissection?

Aortic dissection is life threatening. The condition can be managed with surgery if it is done before the aorta ruptures. Less than one half of people with a ruptured aorta survive. Those who survive will need lifelong, aggressive treatment of high blood pressure.

What are potential complications of aortic dissection?

Possible complications of aortic dissection include: Death due to severe internal bleeding; Organ damage, such as kidney failure or life-threatening intestinal damage; Stroke; Aortic valve damage (aortic regurgitation) or rupture into the lining around the heart (cardiac tamponade) Prevention. You can reduce your risk of an aortic dissection by ...

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