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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sheathing mean in construction?

What is the word sheathing mean? Definition of sheathing. 1 : the action of one that sheathes something. 2 : material used to sheathe something especially : the first covering of boards or of waterproof material on the outside wall of a frame house or on a timber roof.

What are structural adhesives?

Structural adhesives include any type of adhesive used to bond a load-bearing joint. These joints are necessary for the structural integrity of a product and are the most important bonds in a product. Failure of a structural bond is catastrophic to the product’s structure and function.

What is structural packaging?

Structured packing is formed from corrugated sheets of perforated embossed metal, plastic (including PTFE) or wire gauze. The result is a very open honeycomb structure with inclined flow channels giving a relatively high surface area but with very low resistance to gas flow. The surface enhancements have been chosen to maximize liquid spreading.

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