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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a control group in an experiment?

Control groups in experiments Control groups are essential to experimental design. When researchers are interested in the impact of a new treatment, they randomly divide their study participants into at least two groups: The treatment group (also called the experimental group) receives the treatment whose effect the researcher is interested in.

What is an experimental group?

Experimental Group Definition. In a comparative experiment, the experimental group (aka the treatment group) is the group being tested for a reaction to a change in the variable. There may be experimental groups in a study, each testing a different level or amount of the variable. The other type of group, the control group, ...

What is the difference between a control group and a treatment group?

By serving as a basis for comparison, the control group reveals the treatment’s effect. Most experiments include a control group and at least one treatment group. In an ideal experiment, the subjects in all groups start with the same overall characteristics except that those in the treatment groups receive a treatment.

What are the two groups in a scientific experiment?

Scientific experiments often include two groups: the experimental group and the control group. Here's a closer look at the experimental group and how to distinguish it from the experimental group. Key Takeaways: Experimental Group The experimental group is the set of subjects exposed to a change in the independent variable.

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