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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a control and a treatment group?

The treatment group (also called the experimental group) receives the treatment whose effect the researcher is interested in. The control group receives either no treatment, a standard treatment whose effect is already known, or a placebo (a fake treatment).

What is a treatment group and why is it important?

Instead, it serves as a comparison group for the treatments. Researchers compare the results of a treatment group to the control group to determine the effect size, also known as the treatment effect. A control group is important because it is a benchmark that allows scientists to draw conclusions about the treatment’s effectiveness.

What is a control group in statistics?

- Quora A control group is a group of units/subjects/individuals who, by virtue of having no or the standard treatment applied to them, serve as a benchmark for comparison against a treatment group which has had a (new) treatment (or procedure) applied to them.

What is the difference between experimental group and treatment?

The “group” is made up of test subjects (people, animals, plants, cells etc.) and the “treatment” is the variable you are studying. For example, a human experimental group could receive a new medication, a different form of counseling, or some vitamin supplements.

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