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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jonah a prophet?

Jonah is regarded as a prophet in Islam and the biblical narrative of Jonah is repeated, with a few notable differences, in the Quran. Mainstream Bible scholars generally regard the Book of Jonah as fictional and often at least partially satirical, but the character of Jonah may have been based on the historical prophet of the same name ...

Who is the author of Jonah in the Bible?

Author: Jonah 1:1 identifies the book as telling the story of the prophet Jonah. Although the book is written in the third person, the traditional view is that Jonah is the author of the book, and there is no persuasive reason to theorize about an unknown author.

When did Jonah write his book?

Written sometime between 760-725 BC. Jonah prophesied during the reign of Israel's King Jeroboam II (793-753 BC). The book of Jonah is about a reluctant prophet who didn't think the Gentiles deserved God's love, mercy and hope. Fun facts about Jonah/Did you know?

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