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Frequently Asked Questions

When to chart a train?

So one staff has to sit and initiate the charting process on computer. Therefore a precise time cannot be scheduled for charting of any train. Normally it starts 4 hours before departure of train and latest by 2 hours before departure of train. This is why people get ‘chart prepared’ status SMS at different time (s).

When is the seat booking chart prepared for a train?

The first chart is usually prepared 4 hours before departure of train from originating station or remote location station. For early morning trains chart is prepared the night before. If the seats remain vacant in first chart, the remaining seats are made available for booking. The final chart is made 30min before departure of train.

What is the railway chart preparation time 2020?

The berths are represented in various colours indicating their status. For instance, the available berths are highlighted in green and the partially occupied berths are highlighted in yellow colour. The railway chart preparation time 2020 is usually four hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train.

When is a train reservation chart prepared in Indian Railways?

Charts are generally prepared 2-4 hours before trains depature from station. However, if it is a long journey train, a chart prepared at orgin/ source station may lead to ticket confirmation for tickets booked from subsequent stations. How is the final reservation chart for a train prepared in Indian Railways?

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